One of the core features of views is the ability to filter rows according to particular criteria. When a row is filtered, it is not deleted—it's just hidden from the particular view you're using to look at your table. Try adding filters when:
  • You're trying to quickly find a value that meets certain conditions (e.g. values that have a due date after X date and before Y date).
  • You only need to focus on values that meet certain conditions (e.g., the tasks that have been assigned to you AND have not been marked as completed).
  • You need to prevent people from seeing certain values in a view share link.

Adding a filter

You can add a filter by clicking the Filter button in the view bar. This will bring up the filter menu. If your view has any filters applied already, you'll see them here.
Click Add filter and then choose a filter operation that applies to your need.
You can add more filters if you'd like to filter your values by multiple criteria—just click the Add filter button again, then set the filter column, operator, and comparison value as needed.

Remove a filter

Click on the
button to remove a filter.
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