Some settings that are specific to your Column are accessible by clicking on the Column Name.
Column Name is the first row in your table, which will be found on top of each column.

Create Column

You can add a new column by clicking the
button in the header row.
By default, this will create a single new column called Untitled.

Column Name

You can change your Column Name by clearing the old name and typing a new one in the name box. Super easy! 😉

Column Type

A list of Column types will be available by clicking on the current type shown up in the box, or clicking on the Drop Down
Before setting up a column type, you might want to make sure what you need. Some values will be removed and cannot be restored. Eg. change from Text to Number.

Primary Column

If you want to pin one or a few columns, simply choose Make primary in the Column Settings.
These primary columns will be moved to the new position on the left side of your table and won't be covered when you scroll the table to the right side.
You can also change a primary column to a non-primary column by Clicking on Make non-primary.

Delete Column

You can delete a column by clicking on Column Settings, choose Delete and then confirm by clicking OK on the confirmation modal.
Deleting your column and its data is non reversible, once deleted there is no going back.