Table is the most traditional database management view which contains at least one or many Rows and Columns.
Phobase's table is much more powerful than a normal spreadsheet:
  • File Column with Preview function
  • Multi-select (Tag) with colours
  • Relational tables

Table Settings

Some settings that are specific to your Table are accessible by clicking the
This button will be found next to your Table name.

Table Name

You can change your Table name by clearing the old name and typing a new one in the name box. Super easy! 😉

Create New Table

You will find the
button next to TABLES.
There are two ways to create a new table in Phobase:
  1. 1.
    Import from a CSV file
  2. 2.
    Click Create new table

Delete Table

You can delete your current Table by clicking on
, choose Delete and then confirm by clicking OK on the confirmation modal.
Deleting your Table and its data is non reversible, once deleted there is no going back.