Teams in Phobase will mostly work on views that they have permission to access.
Views are specific to each individual table in your organization.
Users can use views to show only specific columns or rows, and apply other configurations to manage the information in that view.
Each view can have its own unique configurations to hide, sort, and filter rows within a table.
You can create multiple views for each table in your organization.

Create new views

To create a new view, start by opening up the view switcher and going down to the section labeled "Create...", then clicking on the option for the type of view you'd like to create.
With the view creation section open, you can hover over each of the view options for a brief explanation of that view type.
Once you've picked a view type, clicking on that type will open up the menu to create your new view. You can now choose the view permission type and name your view then finish the process by clicking "Create new view".

Delete views

To delete a view, you can hover the Delete button next to view’s name.
Click on this Delete button and confirm Yes.