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This page gives you essential ideas to start working on Phobase 🙌


A organization is a collection of tables that you can organise and share with your team members or public.
You can create as many organizations as you'd like and set different teams to work on them.
Some settings that are specific to your Organization are accessible by clicking the Settings button.
This button will be found next to your Organization name.

Organization Settings

Organization Name

You can change your Organization name by clearing the old name and typing a new one in the name box. Super easy! 😉
Use emoji as you like to make your Organization more lively when working with your team.

Change Organization

From Organization Settings, you will see a list of available Organizations.
Click on the name of Organization that you want to change to and the new one will be opened automatically for you.

Create Organization

When you click on Create new organization, Phobase will create a new Organization with default name Untitled and open this new Organization.
Change the default name in Organization Name whenever you want.

Delete Organization

You can delete your current Organization by clicking on Organization Settings, choose Delete and then confirm by clicking OK on the confirmation modal.
Deleted organization and its data cannot be restored.