1. How much do you charge for using Phobase?

Phobase is FREE to use at the moment. However, we do have a plan to charge for Premium features in the future. Please follow our Roadmap to see which Premium features are coming and check for updated Pricing Plan.

2. What can I use Phobase for?

In this early stage, the product can be useful for keeping track of your projects, customers or personal lists. You can create tables, edit data in Grid view or Form view, define and change column types (number, text, url, email, boolean, multi-select with choices of colours, email, date and time) - pretty much like a spreadsheet. Sorting and Filtering are working well. You can also set primary columns for easy access.
Your data in Phobase can be exposed via the GraphQL API. So Phobase can also be used as a backend database.