Your Data

Phobase is committed to the privacy and security of your data. Phobase does not own your data, nor do we sell it to others or use it for advertising. We will never read or access your private notes without written or verbal consent - it's your data, period.

Your Data is Yours

We do not own your data. Putting notes and other content into Phobase does not change that content's ownership or copyright status. If the data was yours to begin with, it remains yours after you put it in Phobase. Of course, if the data wasn’t yours to begin with, putting it in Phobase doesn’t make it yours.

Your Data is Protected

Everything you put into your own Private Workspace in Phobase is private by default. We do not try to make money from your content.There are features in Phobase which allow you to publish and share some of your content with others, but these are totally optional and whether or not you use them is up to you.
  • You data is stored in the cloud (AWS), it's encrypted during transfer (TLS) and also at rest (default RDS encryption for document content and personal data, and SSE-S3 encryption for uploaded binary content). However at this point we do not provide end-to-end encryption of your data.

Your Data is Portable

We are committed, that you can use your content across multiple services effectively and if you choose to, you can leave the service quickly and easily - we will continuously improve our exporting capabilities. We are also committed to making it straightforward for you to get all of your data into, and out of, Phobase at any time.This note is not a legal document, it’s meant to be a plain-language description of our fundamental business values and how we think about your data. We’ll update it from time to time to keep up with the times, but the core principles will not change: your data is yours, your data is protected and your data is portable. We’re trying to build a hundred year startup and this is how we aim to do it.
For information about our privacy and security practices please read our Privacy Policy. You can read more about your rights and responsibilities in our Terms and Conditions.